Frequently Asked Questions

RubRailLights.com offers a vast array of lighting arrangements. If the current products are not what you had in mind, please contact us for a custom fit.
Rub Rail Lights offers a vast array of lighting arrangements. If the current products are not what you had in mind, please contact us for a custom fit.
The low voltage systems draw on a 12-volt battery is negligible.
One can opt for controls to operate each side and colors independently.
The red and green lights by RubRailLights.com, are not offered as navigational lighting. We recommend you contact your state governing authorities for more clarity on navigation lighting guidelines.
Watercraft lighting is a must for any low light conditions. UV lighting promotes high fishing visibility when using mono-filament line. The white light is for optimal visibility and safety. Blue lighting provides a soft hue that allows visibility with low impact to natural lighting conditions. Green can be used as an attractant with low impact visibility. Red and blue with a combination of all the above, set your investment apart from others and provides a fun and SAFE way to enjoy the water.
https://rubraillights.wpengine.com/map-locations/ is a great place to find a dealer in your area. Or, place a quick call to our friendly Pro who can facilitate contact with the dealer who is the best fit for your situation.
Yes, a damaged or failed LED strip can be easily replaced. Degree of difficulty will depend on its location in the rub rail insert. To replace a damaged or defective LED strip, one would pull the rub rail insert out of the rub rail base to access the strip, cut wiring and insert a new strip, and re-connect wiring. If under warranty (within 2 years), we will provide a replacement strip with connectors to make the replacement process as painless as possible. In any case, please call our office for assistance. We take great pride in our customer service.
This is a perfect DIY product. While the installation time varies for each individual, most installations will average between 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Installation is simplistic, and the how-to video or worksheet will walk even the most trepid installer through it with ease. Or, if you prefer, a seasoned dealer's technician will gladly perform installations for a fee.
While there are companies who offer various boat lighting products, NONE can offer the permanence, and seamless look of our patented product. Other lighting products for watercraft are adhesive or utilize tape, while the Rub Rail Lights Patented Rub Rail Lighting Systems are engineered to fit INTO the rub rail system just below the point of contact. The lights & wiring are concealed and ride above the rail’s natural air gap, so no matter many docks it bumps, the lights keep shining. The utility and aesthetics of using the rub rail of a boat for LED’s is unmatched. The ease of use, longevity and the virtually indestructible American LED components, makes the Rub Rail Lights rub rail products, the premier lighting product. These products do not alter the watercrafts profile. Comparing Rub Rail Lights patented lighting systems to the competitors “sticky tape products” is like comparing a Ferrari 250 GTO to an AMC Pacer.