How It’s Made

Our Products

A lot of work goes into making sure that when you receive your lighting system that it is the quality and standards you have come to expect of Here you will find some of the specifications of our lighting systems. Our systems go through rigorous testing and perfecting to achieve the ultimate level of quality. When you receive one of these patented systems you will see the level of workmanship throughout every aspect of the product.

The Rub Rail Light Difference

We frequently hear stories about our competitor’s  LED strips breaking loose, detaching and flapping in the breeze while going down the lake. Our system is nearly invisible, with a clean appearance hidden in the rub rail insert. No more hacking, cutting, routing, and gouging to install like our competitor’s products. Simply remove the old rub rail insert and install a new insert with integrated lights and wiring. We very often hear comments like “ I was tired of replacing lights because they would just come loose or fail and decided to buy your kit even though it cost more, and wow, it looks so much better!”

Our Amazing Manufacturers

Since 1989, Tresco has been committed to exceeding market demands through the development of innovative and affordable products reinforced by unequaled quality and service.

In 1993, Tresco’s first proprietary product was brought to market and sold. Since then, our product offering has increased several times, creating the need for expanded facilities and staff.

In 2003, construction on a modern facility began that doubled our size and in 2007, a new testing facility was added.

In 2011 Tresco Lighting was acquired by Rev-A-Shelf LLC., forming Tresco Lighting By Rev-A-Shelf. The acquisition allowed Tresco to broaden its product offering, distribution network and opportunities for continued growth.

For over 30 years Rev-A-Shelf’s “Innovation through Organization” has made them the leader In functional cabinet storage organizing accessories. Way back since their first product, “the Revolve-A-Shelf”, the first polymer lazy susan that came to be known simply as “the Rev-A-Shelf”. Years later Rev-A-Shelf’s product line contains 1,000’s of accessories for virtually every room of the home. With molding and manufacturing facilities in Louisville and Williamsburg, Kentucky, Camden, Tennessee, Juarez and Monterrey, Mexico, and Hangzhou, China. Rev-A-Shelf and Tresco, Innovation through Organization and Illumination.

Jones Plastic, founded in 1961 by Louisville natives Harry & Larry Jones, is one of the world’s leading injection molders for the appliance and automotive industries. Today, due to the dedication and hard work of our employees, the one machine operation which started out making whiskey caps for liquor bottles, has grown into a global operation with five molding facilities in North America, and a subsidiary company, Rev-A-Shelf which has two satellite locations in Europe and Asia. Jones Plastic is known not only for our molding expertise, such as pioneering the use of gas assist, high speed molding in the early 90’s, but also for our ability to help customers get their products to market quickly. With facilities in Kentucky, Tennessee and two locations in Mexico, Monterrey and Juarez, we are strategically located to help minimize freight, handling and labor costs to our customers. Jones Plastic and Engineering employs 2400 employees worldwide and our plants comprise nearly 1,000,000 square feet. Our primary markets consist of Appliance, Consumer goods, Packaging & Display products, Outdoor products, Medical, Electronic and Automotive components. Jones Plastic proudly celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2011 with 3 generations of family members active in the organization.

From our beginning in 1971 as a supplier of extruded vinyl welting for the footwear industry, to our current status as a well-diversified plastic extruder serving many industries, Barbour Plastics has always welcomed the next challenge. As an innovative plastic extruder, we have been able to achieve a leadership position in the marketplace due to three main attributes: superior product quality, competitive pricing, and our ability to respond to our customers’ requirements.

Among the many industries that Barbour Plastics now serves, the Marine industry is by far the largest. For over thirty years we have specialized in manufacturing systems for boat builders that aid in protecting the boat hull from the damage resulting from contact with dock pilings, piers, and moorings. Our extruded marine rubrails and Rubrail systems are manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant PVC material available and designed for years of service in harsh environments, not to mention captains of varying levels of skill. Barbour also manufactures extruded marine products for use in other areas of the boat, as well as dock bumper to protect the boat from the dock.

Barbour Plastics’ knowledge and experience with impact protection extrusion extends to other applications as well – store fixture and appliance protection, wall protection, small motor vehicles just to name a few.

Although Barbour Plastics’ standard line of extruded polymer products is extensive, we welcome the opportunity to solve customer problems by engineering custom solutions.

The Specs